Finding the Best Fine Italian Wine for Your Business

In order to be successful and stay in business, you need to provide your customers with the best. This is true of any type of company, and it’s especially true with those who are in the service industry. Those in the food business know that one disappointed customer is surely going to be telling their family, friends and coworkers about a miserable experience. Word of mouth travels quickly whether the word is good or bad.

One of the ways that you will be able to outshine your competitors and make your customers happy is by providing them with fine Italian wine that they will not be able to get elsewhere.

What Businesses Need to Find Fine Italian Wine?

Many different types of businesses are going to be able to use fine Italian wine. The most obvious candidate will be those who are in the restaurant business and have an Italian restaurant. However, other businesses can benefit from importing great wine as well. If you have a smaller café, offering a nice sampling of different wines will be able to set your establishment apart. Dessert boutiques might want to consider looking for some quality dessert wines to add to their menu.

If you own a catering business, you should always have a variety of options when it comes to the wine list. Whether you cater weddings, corporate functions, conventions, or anything else, great wine options are always in order. For hotels, adding to the wine list that you offer in your onsite restaurants, onsite catering, and even to your room service can be an added benefit to your customers.

These are just a few of the many different businesses that could use fine Italian wine to impress their customers and boost their business.

How Should You Buy Your Wine?

One of the mistakes that many businesses make when they are buying their wine is to try to find the cheapest possible options at the local discount stores. One of the problems with buying from the discount shops is that you will not often have the same quality or the same variety that you would find if you were to buy from a fine Italian wine distributor who has connections to wineries in Italy.

The discount stores might be fine for those who are buying for their personal consumption, or even for a small party. If you have an upscale restaurant or bar, this is a horrible idea! You will find much better deals and more options when you buy directly through a distributor.

It’s also a good idea to know how much wine your business goes through each month, as this will make it easier to order the amount that you need. Buying a bit extra is always better than not having enough.

Once you find a good distributor of fine Italian wine, check to see what different types of wine they have available. Some can offer samplers that have a number of different types, and then you can find the ones that make the most sense for your business and order more of that particular type.

Buying Wholesale Wine For Your Business

Purchasing the Right Wholesale Wine for Your Business

If you own a restaurant, you’ll probably know all about buying wholesale wine – but how much thought do you put into the bottles you actually offer diners? A surprisingly high number of restaurant owners fail to fully consider the wines they buy, and underestimate the impact this can have on their customers. The wines a restaurant serves say a lot about the establishment, and can play a key role in determining whether customers choose to return or not. You need to fully consider your average customer when choosing your wine selection, and ensure the people who use your restaurant most are well catered for.

What Does Your Wine Choice Say About You?

In these challenging economic times, it’s important to be doing everything you can to retain your customers, and keep them happy. If you don’t, someone else will. For this reason, you need to think hard about whether you stock the right selection of wines for your customers. If you serve cheap and cheerful meals, it’s unlikely you’ll be required to offer a huge range of different bottles, and you’ll be able to save money by steering clear of stocking expensive wine – although it always helps to have a few bottles stored just in case. If, on the other hand, you cater to higher spenders, and want to create a sophisticated dining experience, stocking a wider selection of wines will be essential. It’s well worth considering the psychological effects wine has too. Many people see wine as a sign of social status, and will be happy to pay more if they’re trying to impress someone. If your restaurant attracts a lot of business dinners, or people on romantic dates, it’s well worth having some high value wines on your list to tempt them.

Buying From a Wholesale Wine Company

Fortunately, creating a varied and diverse wine list is simple thanks to the services of wholesale companies. Some suppliers can offer restaurants readymade wine lists – with predetermined bottles included that complement each other – as well as a wide selection of different colours and qualities. This is often cheaper than picking out individual brands, and ensures all tastes are covered. You could, alternatively, discuss specific requirements with your wine supplier in order to create a bespoke list that is tailored to your restaurant’s clientele. Doing this is easy, and it makes reordering your selection of wines, and keeping stock levels sufficient, an incredibly simple process. Buying wholesale wine is a great way to save money without compromising on quality.

Start a Wine Tasting Business For Thrills, Spills, and Lots of Money

If you want to make money at home working only a few hours a week, start a wine tasting business. This little-known home business is thoroughly enjoyable and packs a wallop when it comes to earning money. The kind of money you can make is up to you. But, consider this – for just 4 hours a week, you can bring home about US$31,200 a year. If you double your hours, you can double that take-home pay.

Here are three steps to help you make money in this home-based business:

1) Getting Started

Before you get started, check out the possibilities for wine tastings in your area. Wine tastings are usually held on weekends in private homes and clubs and at special events everywhere. They are seldom held in a restaurant. The host organizes the tasting and pays you for your service.

The current rates are $150 an hour for parties up to 20 people. Over that number, rates are negotiable. For large parties you may need to hire helpers. Include the amount you pay them in your hourly rate.

Advertise your business in the local paper. Pay a visit to clubs such as the Kiwanis Club and country clubs in your area. Be sure to speak to the manager and leave your brochure. Teach an adult education class about wine. Air a radio ad at night on the local stations.

2) On the Job

Prepare for the tasting by meeting with the host. He or she supplies the wine, food and glasses. The host also arranges for the white tablecloths, small paper spitting cups for the guests and several urns to empty the cups into.

For 20 guests, there should be about 30 bottles of wine. This includes six different types of wine with five bottles of each type.

For a party of up to 20 guests, you can work from a long table and have the guests seated opposite you. For larger groups, the host should set up tables.

During the tasting, guests sample a particular wine from their glass. Fill the glass a quarter to a third full. Guests tip the glass away from them and examine the wine’s color against the white tablecloth. They sniff the wine’s aroma, take a sip and swirl it around in their mouth before spitting it into their paper cup. They then empty the cup into an urn.

Talk about the wine and where it comes from. Bring various corkscrews with you to show guests. Demonstrate how to decant wine with a decanter and candle.

3) After the Wine Tasting

Following the wine tasting, allow for questions. Here are some common questions followed by answers:

Q: What makes red wine red?

A: Red wine includes the skins, seeds and stems of the grape which turn the wine red.

Q: Why do you decant wine?

A: To check that the wine is clear and without settled particles.

Q: How can you tell a good corkscrew?

A: The most important part of the corkscrew is the “worm” or spiral. The worm should be hollow and have 4-5 spirals. The deeper the worm enters the cork the less likely it will break.

Q: Which is the most expensive corkscrew?

A: One made by Forge de Laguiole of France is the best. It lasts the longest but costs $150 to $190.

Q: Why are they using screwcaps today instead of corks?

A: Screwcaps shut oxygen out of the wine which is what you want because oxygen causes wine to spoil.

Q: Why is aged wine better?

Aging wine dulls the fruity flavor and leaves a more earthy tasting wine. At least 95% of wine does not need to be aged.

Q: Which wines go with which food?

A: Port is a heavy wine and goes well with dessert or alone. Merlot is a light wine and is delicious with a meal of chicken and salad. Cabernet is a little heavier than Merlot and goes well with steak, lamb, and pork. Pinot noir is a very light wine and is excellent with turkey, chicken, and duck. Beaujolais is a fruity, light wine and is good with fowl or dessert or alone.

Once word gets out about your wine tasting business, you may find yourself booked for many weekends. Start a wine tasting business now – before everyone else finds out how much fun it is and the amount of money you can make.

Wine Gift Baskets Make Elegant Christmas Gifts for Business or Pleasure

A wine gift basket is a classic and elegant gift idea for the holidays, for business, or pleasure. Impress your clients and friends with gourmet wine gifts this Christmas — they’re easy to send, and make festive, beautiful presents.

Wine Gift Basket – The Perfect Business Gift

The holiday season is the perfect time to show your appreciation to the important people in your life. A gorgeously presented basket with gourmet wines and goodies is an excellent choice for a holiday gift. It’s sure to please the man or woman who has everything.

A great advantage for you is that you can get a lot of your holiday shopping done painlessly in one shot — especially if your business clients and friends appreciate and enjoy wine. You can avoid the crowded malls and get your shopping done at your convenience. All you need is a shipping address and a credit card. You could actually get most or all of your shopping done on your lunch break without ever leaving your office.

Impress your clients and friends — you can send stylish keepsake wine baskets that are filled with famous wines. When you want to send personal or corporate gifts, wine and champagne baskets are elegant presents that deliver style and sophistication. With all the holiday dinners and parties coming up, your present will be especially practical for your recipient. A wine gift is also a thoughtful gesture if you’re attending a holiday party. The host and guests will surely appreciate your delectable treats.

Blogging For Business Or Pleasure

Blogging for business

Because the search engines index blogs very quickly, blogging can be a good way to get your company or product to a wider audience. There are two ways to do this, either closely align your blog with your product, or blog about the market your product serves and reference your product. For the first it makes a deal of sense to include either your company or major product name in the blog title and domain. In fact you could just install a blog in a sub-directory of your main website which would tie it in very closely with your company. Many web hosts now have a domain control panel which enable WordPress blogs to be installed almost completely automatically. I would suggest WordPress as suitable blog software as there are an enormous number of add-ons and plugins available to make your blog look and act exactly as you want. A second option would be to register a suitable domain, install WordPress on it and go from there.

If you want to initially distance yourself from your product, then you might well find it easiest to register a blog with one of the major blog hosts and set yourself up as a special interest blogger. You may wish to do this to attract visitors who might not frequently visit your site but are interested in the markets you serve. If you sell wine for instance you could blog about wine in general and reference the special offers that you sell, maybe including short tasting notes. It might be beneficial to come clean about your association in an About Me page, as being professionally involved in a specific market adds a certain authority to what you write. It would be clear to frequent visitors that you only mention one company but they would have initially been attracted by the content, and would most likely continue to visit as long as the content is valuable to them. The important thing about doing it this way is that your content should hold up regardless of your promotion of your product otherwise you won’t get visitors returning.

Blogging for pleasure

If anything this is the most rewarding way to blog. Writing about something you have a passion for is most likely to get visitors who share the same passion and can grow a community as you link to other blogs which have the same focus. I am an Arsenal Football Club supporter and have a blog where I vent and applaud everything about the club and football in general. If you leave the comments turned on, you will get visitors posting their replies to you which can help you gauge reaction to your opinions. But beware, you may not always like what people say about you! It’s not compulsory, but you may also be able to make a little money from AdSense or affiliate sales as long as you don’t overdo the adverts because you will have a very targeted audience reading the blog.

Whether you are blogging for business or pleasure, the important things to remember are:

1. Write in your own style, don’t try and copy anyone else.

2. Use original content. You can use other material, but make sure you are not breaking copyright and add your own content.

3. Pace yourself. Don’t start out intending to post every day if you don’t have the time and inclination. It is better to start slowly and increase if you can rather than gradually tail off.

4. Use humour if you are humorous. Even if the blog is factual, visitors like to be entertained.

If used well, blogs can be a tremendous aid to communicating whatever message you wish to advance. There are many things you can do to make your blog more accessible and popular, but that are beyond the range of this article and will be covered in future articles.

Personalised Wine For Businesses

Finding success in the business world involves many factors. Hard work, a great product or service, and excellent customer care are definitely a big part. It is also important to market and promote our companies, to advertise to potential customers that we are out there and ready to do business. Companies have always handed out items such as pens and calendars imprinted with the company’s name. Vineyards have always had their own labels, and now other businesses are finding that personalised wine bottles are a sophisticated gift and are using them in variety of ways.

When a new business opens their doors, they are facing many challenges. They have to entice customers to give them a chance so that they can begin to build a reputation. While not right for every type of business, for many upscale or specialty businesses handing out personalised wine bottles with the company’s name on the label is an innovative option. For example, a deli and cheese shop may hand out miniature personalised wine bottles at their grand opening, with their location and hours printed on the label. Or a boating company could have champagne bottles personalised with the business information, small versions of the ones used to christen boats.

These specialised wine bottles would be perfect gifts for many hospitality businesses. They can be used in guest room gift baskets at hotels. A bed and breakfast could have personalised wine bottles, with a drawing of the inn on the label. They would also be perfect for restaurants and taverns. When someone orders the house wine, it can be served in a bottle bearing the restaurant’s personal label. Catering companies can design their own label and let clients use it for the wines served at dinners and functions.

Once established and doing well, a successful company will remember the importance of keeping in touch and thanking their customers and clients. After completing a big project for a client, they can send a personalised wine bottle with their company logo to express gratitude for the business. The client will appreciate the gesture and remember them for their next project. Special wine bottles are also a nice gift to send to clients on holidays, to thank them for previous business and wish them well. If there is a new company in town, send them a bottle to introduce yourself and your business. They may not need your service themselves, but they’ll probably know someone they can refer to you.

The business world is extremely competitive, and owners and managers know that they have to work hard to earn their share of the pie. In addition to serving clients well and having a great product, they also have to keep marketing themselves to current and potential customers. There will always be a place for traditional advertising and marketing methods, but sometimes they need to do something extra special and send a memorable gift. And one of the new ways to do this and keep their name in their customers’ minds is to send personalised wine bottles.