Authentic Hungarian Red Wine For Some Great Taste

When it comes to European red wines, most people immediately think of France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. However Hungary has some great wineries with a tradition going back centuries. While it might not be an actual business, it is a way of life for Hungarians to make this alcoholic drink at home.

Yes, indeed, many Hungarians make their own wine in their backyard or patio from the grapes that grown around the houses. It is such a popular procedure that people from many other European countries have started doing it at home as well. You need to have grapes harvested in November and then you have to wait until they basically become almost like raisins. You should pick each grape separately and make sure that the single beans are nice and strong. Put them all in a bucket and shrivel them. The clean grapes should all be carefully selected so you can press them into a paste like mix. You then have to save the liquid and add a bit of yeast for fermentation. The paste and the wine that is fermented should be left separately for a couple of years after which you mix them together to get a nice sweetish taste, so characteristic of the Hungarian wine.

If you prefer instead to buy Hungarian wine from the shops the best brand right now on the market is the Tokaji Aszu. Tokaji also has a gorgeous white one called Szamorodni in case you prefer white over red. It is delicious. In the earlier centuries Tokaji used to be very popular with the Austro-Habsburg aristocracy who cherished drinking this alcohol from their gorgeous crystal glasses poured from crystal decanters.

Another very popular red wine with Hungarians is the Egri Bikaver (translated is bull’s blood from Eger – Eger being a place in Hungary). This is really dark red like the ruby. It is on the sweet side and it has been first created around the XVI Century.

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