Social Media Tips – Twitter Strategies For Business Success

Twitter is not to be used as a constant stream of promotion for your product, service, and company. So, talk to your followers, ask how you can help them, share something that deals with your expertise and will offer value to them. That is the only way to build a huge following, and be seen as a credible source in your field.

I have one client who uses Twitter (and other Social Media) to promote both his wine shop and the Bed and Breakfast as well as marketing consulting he does for other small businesses.

When he strikes up a conversation with someone online, it is because they have said something he found interesting or they have asked a question that he may be able to answer – a particular wine recommendation for the dinner they are planning, activities that they may want to do while staying in our little mountain resort village.

If they visit his web pages because of those conversations and choose to become a customer, that is great. They will also stop into his wine shop to have conversations in person (and those who taste some of the wine flights normally will find a bottle or two that they will get to enjoy later). Part of the networking will continue online if they continue the conversation and keep talking not only to us, but as their followers and friends get to read the interaction as well.

This is the true essence of using social media sites like Twitter as a business recruitment tool; Posting interesting information, developing a sense of community, and developing a customer relationship.

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